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The Multiple Sleep Latency Test

Do you feel drowsy most of the time? Do you doze off when you’re supposed to be awake? If you said yes to either question, you might have excessive daytime sleepiness. To accurately identify the cause, medical professionals may conduct a multiple sleep latency test (MLST). Getting enough hours of shut-eye at night is vital […]

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Does Warm Milk Help You Sleep?

It’s way past your bedtime. Has sleep come to you yet? Maybe counting sheep is ineffective. And popping a sleeping pill is not an option. Now you recall those times your parents sent your younger self to bed with a warm glass of milk. Or you probably saw or read about this practice. Should you […]

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What is a Fever Dream?

Intense. Vivid. Confusing. Weird. These are a few words to describe the dreams we sometimes have during a bout of fever. In a study done in 2016, researchers listed the images found in the dreams of some people. These included creatures with oversized limbs, giant insects, and blackness slowly spreading all over. Mostly, fever dreams […]

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Can You Sneeze In Your Sleep?

Can you sneeze in your sleep? It may be a strange question for some people, but your curiosity may have led you to this page. You probably heard someone cough in their sleep. You probably experienced it, too. But sneezing? Now that’s interesting. Apparently, sleep researchers have also scratched their heads over this. But they […]

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