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10 Best Innerspring Mattress in 2019 [Complete Guide & Reviews]

Despite a rise in popularity of other types of mattresses on the market today, the traditional innerspring mattress continues to be the most in-demand, possibly because it has been available for purchase for such a long time, predating both the latex and memory foam mattresses. Although many are beginning to prefer the latter mattress options, […]

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Purple Mattress Reviews & Ratings in 2019 [Complete Guide]

Since its founding in 2015, Purple has been known to be one of the most highly successful online retailers of bed-in-a-box mattresses. With four mattresses to choose from currently, in addition to pillows and other items, Purple offers its customers a handcrafted mattress at an affordable price. Made from a combination of foam and hyper-elastic […]

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Ghostbed Mattress Review in 2019 [The Complete Guide]

Launched in 2015 by manufacturer Nature’s Sleep, online bed-in-a-box retailer GhostBed offers its customers mattresses created from a hybrid of latex and memory foam at discount pricing. Nature’s Sleep brings with it 35 years of experience in the area of creating quality mattresses, toppers and bedding. The company now makes two models: the original GhostBed […]

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What is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress? [Complete Guide 2019]

We’ve all been there, you spend years sleeping great on your mattress. Then, one night, you suddenly don’t sleep as well. There may be some tossing and turning, or perhaps you continuously wake up throughout the night. Maybe there’s a lump or a bump, or you’re just plain uncomfortable. Maybe you can feel a coil […]

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