Amerisleep Mattress Review 2020

Amerisleep Mattress Review

Amerisleep Mattress is a high-density memory foam mattress designed for absorbing heat, sweat, stress, and fatigue from your body while you sleep on it. It lets you attain and sustain the state of deep sleep without any sort of internal body and mind disturbances. It heals many types of common disorders related to sleep. It restores your body temperature and blood pressure to normal conditions.

It relaxes the joints, muscles, and connective tissues all over your body. It enables free circulation and deep breathing. You may choose any sleeping posture that is comfortable for your body and mind. You can change the posture frequently while sleeping. You may toss and turn on Amerisleep. It still keeps you comfortable and lets you settle down to a complete restful sleep within a few minutes.

The state of your body and mind tell you a lot about how they have been refreshed and rejuvenated by Amerisleep. That “experience” is worth more than a million words you may read or write about it. My own experience motivated me to list out the benefits I got from Amerisleep. You can also experience them once you start using the Amerisleep mattress for your family.

My Amerisleep Review – Is this Mattress Suitable for You?

There is a strong connection between mind and body health, for which the body is the foundation. Keeping it free from stress and fatigue can heal the potential symptoms of physical and psychological disorders. Once your body attains this condition, inner peace for your mind and soul is never far away. You can attain it and sustain it for the rest of your life. Let’s see how.

Amerisleep – Brand and Technology

Amerisleep is a 100% American-made bed and mattress brand. It has utilized innovative technology for its products, which makes them unique on the market. For example, Celliant®, Bio-Pur™, and Bio-Core™ are few of them you can consider.

Amerisleep mattress brand & technology


Celliant Sheets- Amerisleep Mattress

Celliant® is a technology used for making synthetic fibers. It can transform the way you experience sleep by re-transmitting your body heat in the form of infrared waves into your body. It improves circulation, increases oxygen absorption, makes metabolism more efficient, and balances body temperature. It can balance the energy levels between the various parts of your body by evenly distributing it. That means it can absorb the maximum stress from your body and convert it into useful energy. The dual processes can induce better sleep. The technology can also reduce the gap between deep sleep and the time you lie down on the bed.


Amerisleep Mattress Bio-Pur Memory foam

Bio-Pur™ is a responsive type of memory foam from Amerisleep. It is derived from plant resources. It creates a perfectly porous structure for your breathing comfort. You won’t choke or experience uneasiness when you sleep on the Amerisleep bed in stomach-down posture. You may even rest your head on the foam with your nose facing down. Your breathing rhythm and frequency will remain the same due to the free flow of air through the membranes. The material allows you to move your body freely over the foam with zero friction. So, the probability of waking up in the middle of sleep is eliminated when you use Amerisleep Bio-Pur™ technology-based foam.


Bio-core Amerisleep mattress

Bio-Core™ is the technology used for balancing the energy flow between the hips, shoulders, and the spinal cord. It eliminates the negative energy called stress and circulates positive vibes through every cell and tissue. The open-cell structure of the fabric makes it possible to get access to every pressure point on your body. You may change your sleeping posture or stay in one posture during your sleep cycle. Still, the fiber can contact these points to absorb the stress and pressure. The biggest benefit is the recycling of stress into energy. I had read about it a few days ago, which spoke about the piezoelectric effect. I thought it was old technology. Of course, it is old. But it has taken the new Avatar of conversion into infrared waves. When combined with Celliant®, this technology can act as a pain relief + energizing medium for your body during sleep. It can rejuvenate your body and mind when you wake up on the next day morning after a deep and healthy sleep.

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Amerisleep – Mattress Range

Amerisleep mattress is available in multiple models for your comfort. Primary selection criteria are firmness and sleeping style/posture. Profile height also varies for every model. Layers on the soft model are more compared to the firm model. Affinity layer and active flex layers can provide reverse bounce which is helpful in adjusting to your body contours accurately. The mattress range is from AS-1 to AS-5. Here is my overview of each Amerisleep mattress along with a brief review of each.

Amerisleep AS1

Amerisleep AS1 Mattress Review


AS1 is a basic level mattress with extra firmness factor. It is recommended for back and stomach sleepers. The construction of Amerisleep AS1 has two layers. Bio-Pur layer thickness is 2” and Bio-core base layer is 8” thick. It is highly flame retardant. Total profile height is 10”.


The Amerisleep AS1 is available in all sizes from twin to king.


AS1 is recommended when you wish to get the maximum medical and physiological benefits of sleep at an affordable cost. With just two layers of Bio-Pur and Bio-Core, it can provide stability and strength for your spinal cord and lower back when you sleep on your back. It has high energy points along the length and width of the top layer. They highly porous and perform two-way functions. The first part is to absorb the pressure and stress from your body. The second part is to convert them into infrared energy. The third part is to push the energy through the pressure points back into your body. The twin layers can also heal many of the persistent types of pain in your joints, muscles, and connective tissues.


AS1 doesn’t have the active flex and affinity layer which come with SMT (Surface Modification technology which is useful for efficient pressure redistribution within your body and promotion of free circulation within the blood veins).

Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review


AS2 is a Second level mattress with medium firmness factor. It is also recommended for back and stomach sleepers. The construction of Amerisleep AS2 has 3 distinct layers. Bio-Pur layer thickness is 2” and Bio-core base layer is 7” thick. It has an additional Affinity layer of 3”. It is highly flame retardant. Total profile height is 12”. It has the SMT technology incorporated into its construction.


The Amerisleep AS2 is available in all sizes from twin to king.


Affinity layer of the mattress provides the maximum level of comfort and rest. It relieves the accumulated pain from the pressure points on your body. It transforms the medium firmness of the mattress into accurate support to every part of your body that comes into direct or indirect contact with the entire mattress matrix. It prevents your body from slipping while you change your posture. It provides relaxation to the nerves and veins in your body. Free circulation and deep breathing are the two key benefits of Affinity layer.

The three-layer construction helps in transferring the body weight from top to bottom and across the mattress evenly. So, you may feel weightlessness to some extent while sleeping on the Amerisleep AS2. In the beginning it may give you strange sensations. But your body gets conditioned to it soon. The Celliant® cover is designed to enhance your breathing depth as your body progresses into the deep sleep phase. So, the volume of oxygen absorption and carbon emission increases significantly. It helps in bringing perfect balance to the cardiovascular and metabolism activities. The tendency to snore gets reduced considerably due to the depth of breathing.


AS2 doesn’t have the active flex layer. So, your body may not experience the reverse bounce from the mattress needed for advanced pressure relief. However, practical experience of users does show the pressure relief happening gradually during the sleeping cycle.

Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review


AS3 is a third level mattress with medium factor which balances firmness and softness perfectly. It is recommended for side and Combo sleepers. The construction of Amerisleep AS3 has 3 distinct layers. Bio-Pur layer thickness is 3” and Bio-core base layer is 7” thick. It has an additional Affinity layer of 2”. It is highly flame retardant. Total profile height is 12”. It has the SMT technology incorporated into its construction. The construction of AS3 is somewhat similar to AS2 in the affinity layer. The latex firmness is 35-ILD similar to AS2. The mass per unit volume is also same as 1.5-LB for AS2 at the Bio-Core. At the Bio-Pur layer also the LB density is 4.0 and the latex firmness is 10ILD. But the values vary at the Affinity layer for the latex firmness.


The Amerisleep AS3 is available in all sizes from twin to king. The Celliant® infused cover layer enables increasing depth of your breathing from the shallow level. The gradual increase prevents choking and discomfort.


Side and combination sleeping design allows you to stretch your body freely on the mattress. You can experience the quick pan and stress relief from the knees, ankles, feet and heels. Pressure relief points can get quick pain relief before your body slips into deep sleep. In fact the shortened gap between deep sleep and the time you lie down on the Amerisleep mattress is due to the combination posture design. The affinity layer functions similar to the AS2 model. But the enhancement to the Bio-Pur layer makes the AS3 more responsive to your body contours. Thermal absorption rate increases considerably. So, you can experience cooling effects much faster. The mattress can absorb the stress and pressure faster and convert them into infrared energy within few minutes. The reverse force on the pressure points on your body is much higher. So, the transmission of energy is also faster. It is responsible for enhanced stress healing and energy recovery.


AS3 doesn’t have the active flex layer. So, the time required for pressure relief could be more. But the process does happen from the Bi-Pur layer due to its enhanced thickness, which is more efficient.

Amerisleep AS4

Amerisleep AS4 Mattress Review


AS4 is a fourth level mattress with medium softness factor. It provides a feeling of softness to the external surface of your body. At the same time it exerts firmness which is required for the muscles and bones. The AS4 is also recommended for side and Combo sleepers. The construction of Amerisleep AS4 also has 3 distinct layers. Bio-Pur layer thickness is 4” and Bio-core base layer is 7” thick. It has an additional Affinity layer of 1”. It is highly flame retardant. Total profile height is 12”. It has the SMT technology incorporated into its construction. The construction of AS4 is similar to AS3 in the Bio-Core layer. The latex firmness is 35-ILD similar to AS3. The mass per unit volume is also same as 1.5-LB for AS4. At the Bio-Pur layer also the LB density and the latex firmness are same.


The Amerisleep AS4 is available in all sizes from twin to king.


Enhanced Bio-Pur thickness is one of the causes for increasing the bio-flexibility factor for your body. It is responsible for enhancing the depth of your sleep wherein the mind is at perfect resting phase. The interaction between the brain and body will be only for carrying out the cardiovascular, metabolic, and internal body activities. It is due to the enhanced stress and fatigue absorption from the pressure points of your body. There are no visible changes in the body temperature and blood pressure once they get stabilized. You can compare your body’s status with that of an airplane which is on autopilot mode during the perfect flight at the maximum heights. The functioning of your heart, brain, lungs, liver, intestine, and the internal organs flows without any fluctuations. Muscles go into the relaxation mode and the nerves get energized. Breathing cycle moves gradually from the shallow phase to the deep phase due to the free air circulation enabled by the Celliant® infused cover layer. The Bio-core and Affinity layer functions are similar to the Amerisleep AS3 model.


The Amerisleep AS4 also doesn’t have the Active Flex layer needed for generating the reverse bouncing effect to your body. But its functions are compensated to considerable extent by the other layers.

Amerisleep AS5

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Review


AS5 is a fifth and ultimate level mattress in the Amerisleep series as of now. This one is designed to provide maximum softness. Your body can experience the effect of softness to the core muscles and connective tissues. At the same time, the internal firmness provided by the combination of four layers is sufficient to keep your body floating without buckling. The AS5 has four distinct layers of Bio-Pur, Active Flex, Affinity, and Bio-Core. The designers of AS5 have engineered the technology of body contour conformance for enabling the healthiest sleeping cycles. The AS5 is designed for side and combination sleeping postures. The structural factors of thickness, latex firmness, and mass per unit volume have been modified to provide the maximum comfort to your entire body. Profile height of the mattress is 14”.


The Amerisleep AS5 is available in all sizes from twin to king.


The Amerisleep AS5 provides you all the benefits of the other four models. The added benefits are relief from hypertension, stress-induced physical fatigue, and freedom from disturbed sleep. My personal experience with the AS5 has been a dreamless sleep. Dreams are created by the subconscious mind when the conscious mind is in deep sleep. Since this activity of the brain also takes up a significant part of your energy, the body still feels the sense of uneasiness when you wake up on the next day morning. The AS5 construction enables the Subcortex (part of the brain that activates the subconscious mind during sleep) to relax completely. It is mainly due to the supply of oxygenated blood resulting from the depth of relaxation experienced by the Sub-cortex nerves and veins. Since the sub-cortex is completely free from stress, the subconscious mind remains in the peaceful state. The other benefits are enhanced circulation due to heartbeat speed normalization. Blood pressure and intra-neuron signal passing get restored to the normal condition.

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I don’t see any visible cons. Of course, the AS5 is more expensive than the other models. But you can compare it to the savings you make by avoiding medical bills due to failing health.

Amerisleep – Bases and Accessories

Amerisleep brand provides you with the top quality bed bases that are flexible, portable, stylish, and strong. They provide solid support to the mattresses and fit into their dimensions. The accessories like the pillows, covers, and sheets complete your sleeping experience.

Amerisleep – Final Thoughts

My main goal with this Amerisleep review was to help you in making the correct choice for your mattress needs. Amerisleep is an indirect way of therapeutic treatment for your body and brain for healing, energizing, the relaxing, comforting, and perfect sleeping experience you can expect. So, you could take the first steps towards wholesome health and stress-free lifestyle by walking into the nearby Amerisleep store today.

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