Allswell Mattress Review 2020

Allswell Mattress

Hybrid mattress maker Allswell Mattress jumps into the bed-in-a-box scene with three models. These are the Allswell, the Luxe, and the Supreme. And the company goes toe-to-toe with popular choices like Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Nectar. Its main draw is the more affordable price points its offerings come with.

Take note that these are hybrid mattresses–some of the most expensive options out there. So getting them for under $500 may be unbelievable, if not somehow questionable. You are wont to ask about the quality of the materials used. How does the model fare in terms of cooling, edge support, and motion transfer? Is there a free trial?

All of these are going to be answered in the succeeding guide we prepared just for you. We know you want assurance that you won’t be throwing money away. You want to know if Allswell is a name you can trust.

Backed by one of the biggest retailers in the world, Walmart, it should be. It promises a high quality and superior value at affordable prices. 

Are you ready to see if this one talks the talk and walks the walk? Here is our unbiased and updated review.

Allswell Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The 2018-released Allswell boasts of three materials. We will look at them from bottom to top. First is the system of individually wrapped coils at the base, followed by the CoolFlow foam. The latter is just like how it sounds: a quilted, open-cell foam that improves heat flow in the bed. And the quilted cover with Allswell’s signature A wraps everything up.

In the hybrid that started it all, you will find four layers. The Luxe Hybrid has the same pocketed coil base. Moving up, you have a high-density foam layer that eases your body into the firm support provided by the springs. A thin gel memory foam tops it to provide close conformity and cooling. Then the quilted cover shows up to complete the design.

Now we move on to the Supreme mattress. This one has the best five layers packed into it. The pocketed coils also have reinforced Quantum Edge. Then the Energex foam sits above to provide optimal pressure relief across a range of temperatures. A memory foam infused with the power combo of graphite and copper gel for ultimate cooling is next. The euro top layer and quilted cover add protective plushness.

Firmness & Feel

Allswell uses a firmness scale based on the subjective opinions of the company and its extended team of 20 sleepers. The company knows how to take itself not too seriously by admitting this is an unscientific way to determine the firmness. But at the end of the day, brands can create their own guidelines as they deem useful. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is “Too Much Sink” and 10 is “Too Firm”, how do its models score?

The Allswell rates 4.5 to 6.5, which the manufacturer labels as medium firm. This hits the “just right” feel in mattress firmness parlance. All sleeper types are accommodated by this feeling, which aligns with the universally comfortable and generally accepted 5.5 to 7 firmness rating.

The Luxe Hybrid feels like the same. It registers a 4.5 to 6.5 firmness level. Note that 4.5 can be medium soft, while 6.5 is medium firm. This is if you use the generally accepted guideline. So if you are on the heavy side, it may be too soft for you. If you are on the lighter side, it may be too firm for you.

But according to reviewers, this one works well even for individuals weighing 130 pounds and up.

Bump up the benefits with the Supreme mattress. You get 4.5 to 6.5 firmness here. But we believe it is really 6 or medium-firm, going on 7 or firm. This makes it ideal for heavyweight sleepers. Those who sleep on their back or stomach can maximize this feature.


The Allswell emphasizes good heat flow. Specifically, its memory foam layer retains less heat than others as it is thinner. The individually encased coils promote air circulation. While the overall design and medium-firm setting mean you lay on top of instead of in the bed. This leaves your body getting in contact with just some parts of your sleeping surface.

Take that capability and add gel to the memory foam to get the Luxe Hybrid. The gel is a popular cooling component. Nectar, for instance, uses it. The material is said to wick away heat effectively. Couple this quality with the breathability of the pocketed coils to amp up the effect. This one sleeps cool for most people.

Now, with more layers inside the Supreme, you may think it sleeps warm. Think again. The airflow working in and out of the base lets your body cool down. And then graphite and copper gel are present in its memory foam. These elements disperse heat. In general, people sleep cool on this bed.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Hybrids tend to have good and solid edge support. The key benefit to this is a stable and strong perimeter. As a result, you enjoy a wider area of coverage, maximize edges that are less prone to early sagging, and own a mattress that is not deformed easily by daily wear. In this case, the Allswell delivers in this department really well.

The Luxe Hybrid is also quite good in this area. You can feel it supporting you. Some users said it can be soft on the edge, So if you get pushed toward it, you’ll feel like you are falling off the floor. This is something you should factor in if, say, you have kids who like jumping on the bed or you like sitting on the edge in the morning.

Allswell Mattress Review

Edge support is very good in the Supreme. You can feel solid and stable support at the perimeter with this one. No more worrying about premature sagging at the perimeter. You, your partner, or your kids can roll toward the sides if you want and not feel like you are falling. This is clearly an upgrade you deserve.

Motion Transfer

Couples should consider getting a bed that reduces or eliminate motion transfer. It can be tricky for a hybrid to perform in this regard because the bounce may create unnecessary movements. These can be carried from one spot to another.

As for the Allswell, this does not seem to be a dilemma. You can be a light sleeper who wakes up at the slightest sound or action. As little to no motion may transfer via this mattress, you can say goodbye to your distractions when you doze off on it.

Meanwhile, this feels like a win for the Luxe Hybrid because it has minimal motion transfer. You may be sharing your bed with someone else, not a partner, but a sibling, a child, or a pet. And you don’t have to get your sleep interrupted, which positively affects your sleep health. 

The thickest Supreme has three comfort layers that are responsible for insulating movements and thereby reducing motion transfer. Expect minimal motion transfer, but nothing too distracting. You can still drift off to dreamland without having to deal with a frequently moving bed partner. It may not be the best among hybrids in this regard, but it does the job.


The low, low prices put Allswell on the map. And now, it can access the majority of consumers who have other things to pay for but also direly need to replace their old mattress. A budget under $500 is not at all far-fetched. That said, an Allswell in queen can cost you a grand total of $345.

Luxe, the original hybrid, costs a bit higher at $645 (Queen). However, it retails much cheaper than average hybrid choices. Come to think of it, this one is cheaper than some memory foam/all-foam mattresses. It falls within the “below $1,000” category, which means so much to those who face budget constraints.

Last but not least, the Supreme mattress retails at $985 (Queen). This is the “most expensive” edition among the mattresses. And yet, it still does not cost beyond $1,000 (again, Queen)! With premium materials, it offers you supreme value at the most affordable price. 

Financing is available for those who want to apply, at 0% interest.

Other Factors

The following terms apply to all Allswell mattresses:

  1. Ground shipping is free of charge. At checkout, you can opt for white glove delivery for $99. Expedited two-day delivery is also available for $50. And mattress removal costs an additional $50. These fees will not be included in the refund if you ever request a return.
  2. Free shipping applies only to the 48 states. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you will have to pay $50 for delivery. 
  3. A 100-night sleep trial comes with your purchase. This is a typical period for the online mattress industry. If within the period you decide it is not for you, file a return request. Each household is entitled to only one return per year. You will be refunded in full minus white glove delivery, expedited two-day delivery, and mattress removal fees.
  4. A 10-year limited warranty backs up any of the Allswell beds. Keep your invoice and do not remove the Law Tag in order to avail of the coverage. Daily wear and tear effects will not be considered by the company. If your mattress has to be shipped to Allswell for repair or replacement, you won’t have to shoulder the cost for that.

Why You Should Buy An Allswell Mattress

Good design and affordable price meet in the Allswell mattresses. This brand gives you the greatest deals. Choose the right model for you–the one that satisfies your needs and preferences. You will get the best bang for your back if you choose wisely. So if your budget allows it, go for it.

Second, there are multiple firmness options available here. While the company assigns 4.5 to 6.5–the “just right”–firmness, you can assume the models vary in how they feel. The firmest would be the Supreme, followed by the Luxe, and then the Allswell.

If you sleep hot, a hybrid is a good choice. Fortunately for you, the Allswell mattress models can benefit people who tend to sleep hot. You can take advantage of the better breathability and cooling capabilities that come with the beds from this brand. Each feature pocketed coils that promote airflow.

Why You Should Not Buy An Allswell Mattress

The disadvantage of buying an Allswell mattress is that you are not really sure about the materials inside. The company does not further disclose what, say, Energex foam contains. What is inside the CoolFlow foam? If you are particular about this thing, this can be a negative point for you.

If you sleep toward the edge of the bed, you may have better options out there. Most of the Allswell mattresses have fair perimeter support capabilities. So if you think you will overuse this part of the bed, find something that has reinforced perimeter support. Or stick only with the Supreme.

The Verdict

We have reached the end of this comprehensive and unbiased Allswell Mattress Review. We hope you got to know the Allswell, the Luxe, and the Supreme better throughout your reading. The information gathered here is meant to give you a chance to study your options. Making an informed decision is the true quality of a modern consumer.

That said, we believe Allswell is a capable, reliable, and affordable option. Our final rating says a lot. But it is up to you to decide. You know your needs and preferences better than anyone else. So, which one are you choosing?

Make sure to share this guide with anyone who can benefit from it. If you wish to find more options, try our Casper Mattress Review and Nectar Mattress Review.