8 Tips for Designing the Perfect Master Bedroom

It’s safe to say that one of the most important rooms in your entire house is the master bedroom. When people come over to check out your house for the first time, they’re often going to ask to see the master bedroom and its features.

Although you’re unlikely to be entertaining guests there, it is a huge part of what makes your home a home. While you might put off the guest bedroom or dining room until later, the master bedroom is going to be one of the first rooms you start.

Master Bedroom Designing Tips

Whether you’re doing it yourself or having a professional help you, we’ve got a few tips you should heed before you start the design process.

Start Out Simple

When things get too complicated, they start to look messy. Sometimes simple is the best path to take. When you’re laying out the room, start off with the basics: the bed, a pair of nightstands, and a dresser.

That is, afterall, what you’re going to need on a daily basis. Once you have the basics picked out, then you can start to look to pieces of artwork, accessories, or other items you want to place.

Have Plenty of Space

Even though you want your master bedroom to look spectacular, this is still going to be the place you have to wake up in the morning and get ready for work. Imagine being bleary-eyed and running empty on coffee while trying not to knock over a bunch of items.

Keep your pieces proportional to your room. Even though that bookstand may go perfectly with the other pieces of furniture, it may not be proportional to your room.

Use Some of That Space for Storage

Again adhering to the practical side of things, your perfect bedroom may not come equipped with the perfect closet. You may not have the giant walk-in space available for you, so make sure you have plenty of storage space.

Have a trunk at the end of your bed for pillows and blankets or make use of boxes to store some clothing items. A bedside table with a few drawers is ideal for storing books, pens, or other miscellaneous items.

Budget a Bit More for Linens

We’ll leave the color choice up to you, but pricier linens are totally worth it when it comes to look and comfort. Even from afar, they give off that ideal soft look that makes a bedroom feel more like a bedroom.

You’ve already got the ideal mattress, so make sure and couple it with the ideal linens.

Choose a Unique Headboard

A headboard doesn’t have to be a headboard, per se. You can check out various, classic ones online or you could switch it up a bit. How? By making your headboard a set of curtains.

That way, you can go about changing your headboard with the passing seasons or adjustable if you decide to redecorate the bedroom later. It gives you a bit of flexibility you didn’t have earlier.

Different Lighting Options

You’d be surprised how lights can impact the look of a room. There’s a difference between using your overhead light to using just the lamps to using a combination of all three. 

You can add another lighting option by bringing in plenty of natural light. You might have to look into replacing or changing windows for this to be an option, but it can definitely give your room a whole new look.

Go Crazy With Curtains

No, we don’t mean finding the most eclectic style out there (unless that’s what you want), but adding curtains to a room can really show off your style. It’s a way to add color, pattern, and texture to your overall bedroom feel.

You can open them in the day to bring in light and close them at night for a sense of privacy and peacefulness at night.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling

Even though it’s right above you, it’s easy to forget about the ceiling of any room. If you think about it, it’s really the fifth wall meaning there is plenty you can do with it.

Next time you’re lying back and looking up, think about what color you can paint the ceiling instead of its basic white. If you’ve got an artistic touch, you can stencil or even wallpaper the ceiling to make it more you.